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Skip Hire Colchester

"How long can I keep the skip?"

Our skips can be hired up to 7 days for all skips larger then a 2 yard mini skip, The smallest 2 yard skips are hired up to 5 days. Please give us 24hrs notice for collection. If there is a longer (HIRE) time required there is an additional charge of £35 for an extra 5 days hire time. All skips are (HIRED) and there for will be collected straight away depending on how busy we are. There is also an £35 failed collection charge. Our operating hours are from - 06:45 - 17:30 - Monday -friday and Saturday delivery only - 08:00 - 12:30



"Do I need a permit to hire a skip?"

Permits are required by most local councils for skips that need to be placed on public land only, including footpaths, and the roads or highways. If you have private land there should not be a requirement for a permit at all. (WE DONT SUPPLY SKIP HIRE FOR THIS USE)



"What does the price include?" - Terms and conditions please read before using skip.

The price quote includes the hire of the skip up to the days required, delivery and collection. what you are told is the final price unless unless its ovefr the hire period, fires or the skip is damaged in anyway.

We cannot be held responsible for damage to your surface whilst on your property. If you have any questions please get in touch with us.



"What can I put in my skip?"

Skips are for general house hold waste, wood, metal and builders waste, all electricals, soil, hardcore, and garden waste, Please note that we can only take 2 yards of soil & hardcore away at a time. If the larger skips are full off soil-hardcore we will ask for this to be removed to the 2 yards only due to weight limits and there will be an addital charge to have to return to collect the skip at another time on collection - £25


 Clean hardcore can be taken away 15% cheaper along with clean wood, and soil, bushes .

 We do not accept hazardous waste which includes paints, solvents, oil or asbestos, Anymore then two full sheets of plasterboard there is an additional charge please contact us regarding this. Please note if any hidden items collected the customer will be notified and invoiced the additional charges if not acceptable.  No gas bottles, No Vehicle tyres, No fridge-freezers.


We can also remove fridges, freezers and car, van tyres please tell us what you have so we can price these items for you.




In the event that we cannot supply a skip large enough we will recommend a company we use for this. we can also arrange a grab for your waste, but we do supply two skips at larger sizes upon request (see the skip sizes page).



 All skips must be level loaded and not loaded above the sides of the skip, if we feel it may be unsafe to transport you may have to remove some items to make it level.




 Generally, skips must be paid for on delivery via cash or bank transfer payment.